Life has its own ways…

nicole with kids

The secret of life… Its magnificence actually, resides in the clarity an individual can reach that all we need to do is simply to approach LIFE from a place of complete TRUST, complete acceptance, complete surrender. It is when we hold this sense of deep knowing that every moment we live and every event we encounter is never by chance and never in vain but somehow so accurate and precise, paving the way for the unfolding of the next moment to come and the next event to live.

On August 4 I was in Beirut, in my apartment and had to live the traumatic, apocalyptic event that took place there and devastated a whole nation. In my heart I had accepted fully having to go through it, grateful that me and my family were left unharmed. I took time to start processing my trauma and move myself into healing.. gently and patiently. Exactly two months after the blast I found myself back to Beirut, collaborating with UNDP-Lebanon in a two day event dedicated to healing trauma, holding the space for Lebanese children to help process their trauma to eventually heal.


It was such a powerful experience.. I was healing ME through healing THEM but also I had this clear realisation that I had to go through August 4 just like them for me to be able to SEE them FULLY, to acknowledge their pain and witness their trauma fully. In a way me going through August 4 made my contribution to their healing more authentic more powerful.

This experience filled me with gratitude as LIFE is to be trusted fully, unconditionally… its wisdom is greater than us and what we think we know is best for us. No matter how it shows up, it is always there to serve some highest good. And even if we cannot grasp it and see it in that very moment we will surely realize it down the path.