What happens when people open their hearts? They get better.

—  Haruki Murakami  —


I met Nicole during a challenging yet serendipitous time in life. I was recovering after a breast cancer surgery and was in a place where I needed moral support and guidance. I am forever grateful to my friend who recommended Nicole. In a matter of several sessions we managed to unpack and work through deep childhood traumas and relationship patterns that were blocking my spiritual growth and happiness. Nicole’s approach is uniquely powerful. She has a special skill at finding the root cause of issues, which often comes from least expected places. Seeing things through the prism of her vision and guidance put me on a quick road to healing both inside and out. I always recommend Nicole to people, who I think might benefit from her work and so far everyone’s feedback has been amazing which makes me happy

Guli / Dubai

I met Nicole first as a university classmate. Our paths crossed again as bankers in one of the most reputable banks in the world. Nicole's leadership skills and professionalism were outstanding.

I could never imagined that this successful lady would leave her promising career to be where she is today.

Nicole, I can tell you that you're making a difference in this life. This was your purpose and you made it. Grateful to connect with you again in my life as a friend, as a healer and as a great human being with a pure soul. The painting sessions we did together injected colors in my life and healed the dark areas accumulated throughout the years. Without faith and love life is a difficult journey and all human beings are One...So Let's celebrate together our oneness for a better world!

Thank you Sister ❤️

M.C. / Dubai

I endured an intense personal challenge last year and had the blessing of being supported by Nicole in her capacity as a constellations facilitator. I was able to go deep and create new threads of understanding around the dilemma I faced. An energetic shift accompanied my process and revealed to me the true nature of the situation 

N.C. / Dubai

Nicole takes you on a very special journey during her Intuitive Painting sessions, starting with her unique meditation, which truly focuses the mind and opens up the heart to a range of emotions before even starting to work with the colors. But the magic really happens with the painting and splash of colors. Nicole has a wonderful way of guiding you to reconnect with your roots and uncover deep unconscious beliefs, then gently and skillfully walking you on a path to healing. Her work is very powerful, truly refreshing and inspiring. Highly recommended!


I had the opportunity and joy to participate in one of Nicole’s workshops. The first thing that delighted me was the sight of the zillion colors and painting bottles ? it transported me immediately to my reassuring infancy ?. The atmosphere created by the music, her words and smile are comforting and precious. The freedom felt while painting helps liberate the burden we carry on our shoulders and minds ?. She is such a sweet and generous person, taking the time to analyze each artwork and reassure every single participant. I could have stayed there for ever. A Must experience not to be missed! Thank you! 


The intuitive painting has been the most wonderful and powerful experience in my unfolding. Nicole graciously walked me into the joyous, gentle, sweet yet extremely deep experience. Nicole's charm, wisdom and profound knowledge makes the experience really unique. The wonderful surrounding pushed me to let go and i felt I was in a fairy tale willing to go within and know more about myself.


The art therapy session with Nicole Haimari was an opportunity for self understanding and expression through the subconscious process of painting. I found the experience to be enlightening. Throughout the session, I discovered many things about myself. I was able to express a message for the first time, that I had been unable to express through words. I am grateful for the experience!


It’s a beautiful feeling to let go of your inhibitions and let your creative side come out and express itself. With Nicole guiding you every step of the way, with her intuition and ability to feel your emotions she made me feel safe. The process is very deep and enriching, cleansing and liberating. Gratitude to you Nicole and the light that shines through you.

Samer Milan / Thetahealing Instructor

A deep dive into self is what I experienced during my art therapy session with Nicole. It takes courage to let go and allow the process to take place and honestly, I wasn't expecting the outcome to be so revealing! I was in awe when Nicole connected the dots for me during the briefing session. And Nicole, with her soft yet strong presence, was there beautifully holding the space. Powerful session. Thank you, Nicole. I am grateful forever!

Abir Beydoun / Facilitator of Transformation, People Development Coach

Therapy through Art expressions is a valuable self-healing treatment on its own or in addition to clinical therapy. Every person will benefit from these sessions for the psychological relief and enrichment they bring.

Nicole Haimari is certified color therapist, trained and experienced in Creative Response Therapy. She offered MEEDA’s volunteers, members and team a wonderful workshop experience. After explaining the process and its benefits, Nicole guided the group in about a 3 hour journey of self expression through a free left hand painting (to allow the unconscious part of the brain to express itself). The result: fabulous, enriching and mind liberating ! Everyone was touched by the personal attention they received. Nicole’s knowledge and expertise, along with her softness, patience and emotional intelligence shone throughout the workshop.

Thank you for your time and generosity Nicole!

Lebanon Team / The Middle East Eating Disorders Association (MEEDA)

During the past year, I had the pleasure and luck to work with Nicole. Our exchanges while she was here in Beirut, as well as over Skype, have allowed me to clearly see and put in words what I was trying to resolve since my teenage years. Today, I am 45, and Nicole's sessions have cracked me open to directly connect to the little girl in me and listen to her very closely. As I understood better the misunderstandings the child in me was carrying, I was able to work intellectually on the matter and shift my emotions. My first encounter with Nicole during the intuitive painting class was a major breakthrough. I defined for myself the source of my physical illness/pain that was related to an older emotional state. During the Iceberg sessions, I further pin-pointed my shortcomings, as well as goals to focus on, in order to remain healthy and truthful to myself. I constantly refer to Nicole's written feedback, which I feel is most helpful to my wellbeing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Thank you Nicole, you are a beautiful gift!

Hiba K.

You have wholeheartedly opened me up by carefully and strategically watching, listening, interpreting and guiding me as if I was a special friend, a loved family member or just simply someone who deserved more than anyone to be guided with love and expertise. You did this with the most gifted professionalism I have experienced until now in any other therapies.

I am conscious of the uncertainties other people might have about this type of therapy which is still rather unknown but I would like to remind them that expectations often lead to deception, so allow yourself to embrace something new, something different, something with no set expectations, but only aspirations. Nicole will be here to help you express your conscious and subconscious in a format that is genuinely fun, creative and full of positivity. She will get to your deep emotions and their root cause in a very subtle and unexpected way. Everything will suddenly seem very clear, simple and resolvable.

Nicole, I would like to thank you once again for reading into my anxieties and my aspirations with the most understated compassion, gift, expertise and finesse possible.

I look forward to more sessions and to the fast progress which I know awaits me. 

Servane Collette

Where do I begin...

In truth, there is no beginning, nor is there an ending.
There is this intriguing path that calls you; calls you to explore your ‘self’.
There are no exact words to explain how things become clearer to you. But an explosion of colours appears and reveals your own secrets, simply.
And after the clarity comes the guidance; the guiding into self-healing, and ultimately self-love.

All this, through the loving eyes, words and guidance of Nicole. She has this subtlety in holding space for you, a tireless supportive energy that walks you through seeing your own shadows, recognising them, and determining what needs to be done.

Progress comes just as simply, and in a beautifully delightful way. And it is ongoing...

My experience has, so far, made me see my strengths, my worth, my triggers and where they came from. I am learning to love myself.

Dima Timani Gebara / Dietitian, LD, MS

I have had the honour of working with Nicole Haimari on numerous occasions and on many levels.She is incredibly generous with her time and truly committed to the work that she does.As an intuitive painting facilitator, her approach is creative, authentic and heartfelt.As a mentor in the realm of transformation-through-values, she is comprehensively engaged and thorough on every level. Nicole is uncompromising in her approach to clients, consistently bringing a wealth of skill and intelligence to all her endeavours.Nicole brings genuine compassion to the space, and above all, integrity.I would not hesitate for a second to recommend her work.She is a true professional and gem of a human being.

Nancy Zabaneh / Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Emotional Intelligence Mentor
السلام عليكم ورحمة 
اسمي مريم (دولة الامارات العربية المتحدة ) 
أنا  بدات رحلة العلاج وتطوير الذات مع الاستاذة نيكول منذ أكثر من عامين تقريبآ ؛ في عام 2019 كانت هي البداية وكأن القدر رتب لي هذا اللقاء حتى  ابدا رحلة الشفاء؛ بعدما قضيت أكثر من خمس سنوات مع معالجين من مختلف البلدان أبحث عن شغفي في هذه الحياة وعن الشفاء لحالتي التي فقدت الأمل في علاجها. ولكن بصيص الأمل والخير والاحسان  لازال موجود في هذه الحياة. لقد تغيّرت حياتي 360 درجة ،وتغيرت نظرتي  لحياتي ولما هو مهم فيها. أصبحت أكثر اتصالا مع ذاتي، كما زاد مستوى الوعي لدي و قدرتي على اتخاذ القرارات الصائبة في حياتي.  
مريم / الامارات العربية المتحدة

Nicole deeply cares about the wellbeing of her clients. You feel being held by the hand in exploring and encountering the obstacles in your life while obtaining a new perspective on how to overcome them. Her sessions are kind of magical and healing takes place at almost a cellular level. Through the use of guided meditations, creative painting sessions and energy healing, she invites your soul to come to the fore and express itself, surpassing the ever thinking, rational brain. Deep childhood (or other emotional) wounds get addressed until they become a scar that are barely visible or felt. I wholeheartedly recommend Nicole's unique way of coaching.

Marja / Dubai

Intuitive art with Nicole is like nothing else. It was incredible! I did it together with my best friend and the experience not only made our friendship stronger, but it also reinforced peace, love and truth within ourselves. She guided us through a mini-meditation, then painted whatever we were inspired to with our left hands. Our subconscious’ darkness were expressed and wow, did we cry; but it was major catharsis. It was so enlightening and uplifting. 10/10 recommend.

Ishana Durante - Bose / Student of Psychology

Nicole je te remercie infiniment. C’était pas seulement une sensibilité profonde que j’ai ressenti, mais aussi un professionnalisme absolu qui t a permis de rentrer sans excuse et me guider a faire ressortir une réalité latente, cachée en profondeur, en meme temps tres active dans mon présent, pour ensuite la métamorphoser dans un “shift” qui guerit la personne jusque dans l’âme. Du début jusqu’à la fin de la séance une harmonie exceptionnelle me guidait du point A jusqu’au point Z, me permettant de refaire surface avec des résultats remarquables et une volonté absolue pour changer.
Merci pour ta présence.

P.P / Lebanon