The path to love is our spiritual destiny.


A multi-facetted holistic practitioner, Nicole is an Intuitive Painting Facilitator, certified in Color Therapy, certified and trained in Creative Response Therapy (Art Therapy). She is also an accredited Facilitator of the global leadership program - ‘Transformation Through Values’ and an executive coach in ‘Seeing The Perfection’ and ‘The Iceberg Model’ coaching processes.

A Corporate Transformation Tools Certified Practitioner (CTT-1). Nicole has pursued an accreditation in ‘Family Constellation Therapy’ as well. Furthermore Nicole holds a Master’s degree in Economics.

With nine years of experience in international wealth management, she started her career at one of the leading foreign banks in Lebanon. She then moved to Dubai, and joined another financial firm continuing to serve high net-worth clients.

A mother of two, Nicole chose to pause her career in the financial sector to dedicate herself to motherhood. Blessed with a beautiful family, Nicole still felt there was something more out there for her, a bigger purpose and a higher aim to pursue.

She was totally on it and was dedicated to discovering how best to be of service and this aspiration kick started her quest through her own transformational journey.

Nowadays, Nicole works in the healing and transformation space, deepening over the years her spiritual knowing through extended studies of the Akashic Records and expanding on these experiences through intuitive art, other transformational and systemic healing techniques. Nicole has always believed there is more to life than what is immediately seen and lived, and feels that the ultimate human yearning is to evolve in consciousness and become more aligned with one’s unique purpose. This is what inspires her to work with people by holding space and guiding them on their own unique passage to empowerment and self-actualization. During her sessions or workshops, her clients experience significant shifts, undergoing powerful emotional breakthroughs. In her workshops, she sensitively combines several modalities (intuitive painting, transformational techniques, family constellation and trauma healing ), focusing on specific themes (fear, triggers, values etc.) This welcomes participants to shift their behaviours and mind-sets towards growth and greater consciousness and empower them to walk their own awakening journey. As a devotee, whose goal is to widen the potential of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), her mission with individual clients, groups and corporates lies in rendering service to human wellbeing.

Making a difference in people's lives, seeing them heal, transform and progress, is what Nicole’s holistic tools can unveil.

nicole haimari