Intuitive Painting expressions move us closer to our repressed emotions and deeper into our inner transformation.


Painting Sessions

An Intuitive Painting session helps us link implicit and explicit memories. The process taps into the deep subconscious mind allowing a person to connect with and confront feelings that never had the chance to surface before. It is a method that encourages self-discovery and self-empowerment.

This powerful transpersonal modality, invites the healthy reframing of feelings to build a more positive sense of self. Deep feelings hold the key to change and it is only by delving deep within that radical adjustment in how we feel, how we see ourselves, how we behave and how we live, come about.

We all have the capacity to express ourselves creatively and discover feelings that have never been articulated on a conscious level. This practice lends some sense of control over them, allowing us to see beyond the resulting artwork. It is the process that matters most during a session as shifts often take place once we surrender and start facing our deepest pain. In so doing, we observe this creative work that we produced not only as the way it is, but rather as the way we are since ultimately, it reflects our true identity.

No artistic skills are required during an intuitive painting session. The process involves four main parts

Session Themes

We can basically explore an intuitive painting session anytime. Even when life is going smoothly, this creative practice always yields deeper insights into self-identity and self-realisation.

An intuitive painting session is useful for anyone seeking to address specific themes.

Explore inner child work

Identify engraved patterns to understand their source and shift them

Navigate any process of grieving

Work through a route to forgiveness

Metabolise fears, wounds, physical scars and heal what lies beneath

Elaborate more clarity around one’s life purpose

Work through traumas and abuse

Seek clarity to make important life decisions

Intuitive Art Work

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Sometimes you don’t realize the weight of something you’ve been carrying until you feel the weight of its release.

— Karen Kohls