Why Transformation

To make sustainable shifts in behaviours, thoughts and feelings we need to TRANSFORM rather than CHANGE. When transformation happens, a shift occurs at the core and it is final; we cannot regress to how we were before.

Change happens when a breaking point is reached and an individual says, “it is not working for me anymore. What got me here won’t take me there”, when happiness has evaporated and one is no longer fulfilled by external validations.

Transformation materialises when we start distancing ourselves from the EGO and move into the HEART. Only then do we start configuring a self from the inside out.

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Why Values

At any moment, our key values demonstrate what is important to us, what is high on priority. They drive our thoughts, feelings and actions. To become aware of our values is the key for renewal. It enables us to look at the root perspective, explore the limiting beliefs created around our deficiency needs and re-wire the brain to create a positive shift overall.

Living our personal values fully is essential to personal progression, empowering us to step more fully into one’s Life Purpose.

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What Techniques

Coaching techniques are used to assist us to TRANSFORM by looking into our VALUES.

These exercises helps us gain a greater awareness around our values and manage our needs so that we can find personal fulfilment.

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The greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.

— Lao Tzu