From Fear To Trust

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Fear is in fashion nowadays. Exalted via popular culture like never before, it’s the strongest of negative emotions that drives people individually and collectively. By keeping us hostage to a culture of trepidation and separation, people drift away from its opposite – love. The challenge of existence lies in trusting in the primordial force; in realising that fear blocks us from expressing our fullest potential. You’ve heard it all before. How it’s necessary to relinquish fear and espouse trust, faith and hope. The question is, how to claim back the power that has been given over to fear and lean on love instead.

Only Love Is Real, Everything Else Is A Call For Love

Whilst danger – a bolt of lightening for instance – is real, fear is the product of the mind, an illusion. Dangerous situations do occur and humans have been biologically programmed to respond to them, but anxiety is a learned behavior that takes over even when no real threat is necessarily involved.

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In my sessions, I see these mental addictive loops, where people are programmed to reactively jump into fear without realizing. When the mind revisits past events when contemplating the future, two buttons – Rewind and Forward – jump between the past and the future. The minute the Play button stays on is when we lapse into Fear-Free mode. In the now there is no fear – safety prevails. In the NOW one’s most powerful self is expressed. This is why all the healing activities I undertake with my clients are ultimately related to guiding them to stay focused on living in the present moment.

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Breaking the cycle of fear is an ongoing exercise, a daily practice of mindfulness. It requires the mind to restrain from oscillating between past and future. It is also a practice of honesty vis a vis ourselves. We should build the habit of facing our fears, having a conversation with them, understanding where they come from and learning to let go of them. We have to show the same honesty when discussing fears with our children because this is how we effectively help create the shift in the coming generations.

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I recall one incident with my son, when he was younger. I was traveling with him and the flight had turbulence and I felt him scared. I asked him if he was and he said, “Yes, I am afraid that the plane crashes.” I answered, “Yes this is a possibility. He looked at me with big eyes, expecting a more reassuring answer. I told him that car accidents happen every day on roads and plane accidents can happen in the air. “But for now, the plane is fine and you are safe. You choose to project yourself into a future possibility that might or might not happen and be in fear or choose to stay in the now where no crash happened, the plane is perfectly safe and so are you. It is simply what you choose to focus your thoughts around that will define how you will feel now.” He took a moment reflecting on what he just heard, took a deep breath in and said, “You are right mum I am actually safe NOW and I’ll stick to that thought. It was a huge relief for him and all his tension faded away.”

Choosing to move out of fear is a habit to cultivate. How? By becoming alive to the present, consistently using breath-work, stress management techniques and creative outlets like intuitive painting. Fear lives in the mind while Trust resides in the heart. The minute we drop from our head into our heart a shift in how we feel happens. In the heart there is no confusion, only pure knowing. If we learn to trust that knowing we will feel much better.That’s for sure!  Changing the equation and channelling our energy away from fear and separation, into trust and unity, is what will keep us progressing – both individually and as a society.

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